About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to elevate collective well-being in our communities by providing an inclusive, customized and sustainable cannabis experience.


We aspire to lead in the quest to destigmatize the use of cannabis so generations to come can freely embrace the positive effects of clean plant medicine.

Wellgreens Values

Wellgreens is trailblazing the future of cannabis culture by continuing to master all four pillars of the industry — cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail to maintain high-quality, ethically-sourced products and a customized in-store experience.


We are fearless innovators; pushing the boundaries of the cannabis space by providing transparency to ensure the health + safety of our community and pursuing the de-stigmatization of marijuana products.


We provide a warm, welcoming environment that people of all walks of life can experience. Whether you are a cannabis connoisseur or a first-timer; Wellgreens is a safe, judgement free zone.


There are many misconceptions about our industry; we believe the best way to combat those ideals are through full transparency and increased communication with our customers, our staff and our community.


We are extremely passionate about cannabis and how it connects our community. We support the cities our stores are located in by partnering with small, local vendors, stimulating the local economy, dedicating time and funds to non-profit organizations, and taking measures to reduce our carbon footprint.


We value education and provide our customers with knowledge + assistance in choosing the right product for their desired outcome. We promote a holistic approach to wellness + the positive effects of plant medicine through the use of clean, controlled cannabis products. Our budtenders will educate you on the products that fit your unique needs.


We confidently + proudly offer a variety of clean cannabis items. With high-quality products, exclusive drops, expert knowledge, and rigorous compliance, you are sure to have a tailor-made experience at Wellgreens.

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