Message from our CEO, Sam

At Wellgreens, we celebrate individuality and diversity, recognizing that each team member brings a unique perspective and a set of skills that adds to our collective strength. We believe in fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect where everyone’s voice matters and everyone’s contributions are recognized.

As a member of the Wellgreens team, you’ll not only help shape the future of cannabis retail but also play an integral part in positively impacting our local community.

Sam Hallak

Wellgreens Founder & CEO

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“I chose to work at Wellgreens to provide alternative healing solutions and knowledge to each and everyone out there. I also want to gain more knowledge on cannabis so I can maybe one day go into the business side of it myself.”


“I love working at Wellgreens. The environment is fun yet professional and management always treats me with respect."

-Marisol/Inventory Specialist from Lemon Grove

"Working reception with Wellgreens has been a delightful experience. I feel appreciated for my work ethic; everyday is exciting and there is always something new to learn! There is never a dull moment at Wellgreens!"

-Jayleen/Receptionist from Vista

"What I love about Wellgreens is the great selection of products we have, learning something new everyday, meeting new faces, and helping people out. I love working with such an awesome team!"

-Madely/Sales Associate from Chula Vista

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